Our company

Technogaja is different from the crowd, with different type of individuals that are not only smart, but very driven people who care more about getting it done and creating trustful relationships, than about proving how clever we are. The TG team truly has become a valuable extension of our partner teams, and often as a result, our people are the primary reason our partners trust us as a company.

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People tell us we are down-to-earth, approachable and fun, and thanks to our “team-spirit” we break down barriers and engage equally effectively towards projects big and small. Our collaborative working style emphasizes teamwork, trust, and tolerance for diverging opinions.

Our Team

We rally clients with our infectious energy, to make change stick, and we never go at it alone. We support and are supported to develop our own personal results as well as our partners – this is what motivates us to move further than our boundaries. We balance challenging and co-creating with our clients, building the internal capabilities required for them to create repeatable results.

We work hard, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We enjoy what we do and we laugh a lot…most often at ourselves.
It feels different to work with us – try out the TG spirit!


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