Technogaja joins KTU Vaižgantas Secondary School intitiative

We are thrilled to share that Technogaja took part in the KTU Vaižgantas Secondary School inititiative to educate children about what we do. We are glad to have contributed to introducing students to the diversity of Lithuanian industry and the possibilities of digitization in the production of air filters. We hope to inspire the next generation and encourage to foster curiosity about our indust... more

MPL Z2 – New fully synthetic Z-line Panel Filter with pleat stabilization

We are excited to introduce the new MPL Z2 panel filters – one of the latest quality benchmark in the TG range. The SYNTHETIC-frame provides the filter media with secure, leak-proof sealing, a high level of stiffness and the maintenance of dimensional accuracy. The Z2 panel filters are water-repellent, microbiologically inert and comply with Fire Classification F1 for secure and reliable use in electronically controlled equipment. MPL Z2 - ... more

UAB TECHNOGAJA – Socially responsible business

We are proud to announce that our company received the recognition of Kaunas district municipality - in the Nomination of socially responsible business! It is a result of our continued efforts to integrate social responsibility in every aspect of our operations.We express our gratidute to the TG team for all the hard work, thanks to which we can contribute to the well-being of our community, as w... more

The Amazing Filter World Premier in Cologne DE

A big thanks to everyone how visited us this year - interest in the all new energy saving solution was by far higher than we anticipated, the industry is ready for changes and we are ready to deliver!We are pleased with the successful presentation of a new energy-saving products at the global filtration technology exhibition Filtech 2022 in Germany! With tensions in Europe over today's energy prices - the new product line has attracted a ... more

UAB TECHNOGAJA – 15 years anniversary!

Back in 2006 - industrial technology specialists, enthusiastic engineers started the first industrial ventilation, painting and pneumatic transport technology installation projects in the Lithuanian metal & wood industries. A small lead by an ambitious vision - demonstrating exemplary business practices, were left not unnoticed - the company grew successfully, as well as the project scope ... more

European Union project “Apprenticeship and qualification improvement in the workplace”

  UAB Technogaja participates as a partner from 2014 to 2020 in the project co-financed by the European Union Structural Funds “Training of employees of small and medium-sized enterprises in the form of apprenticeship for in-service training” No. 09.4.3-ESFA-K-827-04-0053. The project is implemented in accordance with the 2014-2020 “Apprenticeship and qualification improvement in the workplace” of the European Union Funds Investme... more

Digitization audit

Technology audit provides the company with insights and suggestions on how to digitize the company’s production and management processes. UAB Technogaja performs technological / digitization audits regularly every two years, the audit is performed by LINPRA technology center Intechcentras. During the audit, we take the received recommendations very responsibly. Over the past two years, Techno... more

Technogaja join’s the fight against the coronavirus

Technogaja UAB together with LINPRA last week looked for cooperation with tailors to combine respiratory technology, raw materials and forces. The same opportunities were sought by UAB “Robert Kalinkin” with the help of Kaunas University of Technology - a partnership was established. UAB "Robert Kalinkin" has developed and tested the prototype of the mask, while UAB "Technogaja" will make improvements and provide raw materials. The project ... more

TECHNOGAJA established the grand prize in the Young Engineers Competition a Journey to the Innovation and Automation Exhibition in Hanover, Germany

We encourage the young generation of Lithuania to become more involved in the latest industrial technologies. Our goal in improving the educational environment is to inspire and encourage talented young people to enter the Lithuanian industry with new ideas and exciting discoveries. A competition for students organized by the Lithuanian Engineering Industry Association (LINPRA) at the "Studijos... more

Filtech 2019

Visit Us at Filtech 2019! We wish to kindly invite you to the upcoming Filtech Exhibition in Cologne in October where we will be showing off our latest achievements in filtration. You will be able to take a detailed look at our novel products and discuss your needs and ideas with our clean air experts. ... more


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