“Technogaja” finished the year (2018) by joining the Lithuanian Engineering Industry Association (LINPRA). LINPRA unites more than 100 leading Lithuanian engineering companies.

The LINPRA association seeks to help promote companies from the engineering sector by reaching out to one and other – to share competences in the international arena, encourage export of goods and services, increase synergies between the activities of scientists and engineers, and improve the quality of preparation for specialists. Associated companies encourage to take advantage of the new Industrial Revolution “Industry 4.0”, ensure the most effective use of new technologies, take into account the opportunities offered by digitalization and keep up with other EU Member States.

“Technogaja” has top priority for digitization and smart technologies in production management and processes. Believing that by joining in Lithuanian engineering industry association activities will create conditions for implementation of digital transformation, renewing processes and innovating, exporting and developing competencies of specialists.

LINPRA and “Technogaja” have the common aspirations to develop advanced engineering business solutions that will bring new, innovative ideas and high-quality professionals to the growth by promoting enterprise competitiveness in Lithuania and abroad.


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