Cartridge Filter

Cartridge Filter

Product code: CF

Cartridge Filters are widely used in various industries with a special focus on fine cleaning of dust, gas, and air flows; this is he most effective solution for trapping of emissions from air and gases. Food and chemical industry and corrosion control fields benefit from these filters as well.

Detail description

Cartridge Filters are used in processes of dust cleaning, which are associated with the production and processing of grain, feed, paper, aluminum, coal, cement, wood, etc. These filters help when ensuring health protection of employees and complying with health, sanitary and environmental protection standards. Also, they provide a return of purified air into production premises, efficiently trap substances of the first hazard class (lead, cadmium, etc.) and aerosols, improve quality of produced materials/products and engineering processes. The filters can come in different pleated depths and heights, thus often offering higher passible air flows, filtration areas and lower pressure drops compared to ordinary cylinder-form filtration bags.

Technical parameters

Max. Operating Temperature: 120-300C