Pleated Cell

Pleated Cell

Product code: KAS W

Pleated Cell filters are mostly applied as pre-filters in coating chambers, spray booths, welding fume extraction systems and other systems in HVAC sector, surface treatment and dust & pollution control fields, when a high dust holding capacity is required.

Detail description

Pleated Cell filters make use of synthetic fibers-based pleated filtration media and increased net filtration area to ensure a very high dust-holding capacity. In order to withstand a high rate of air flow at low average pressure drop and capture harmful particles, the material is supported by a specially designed metal grid.

Technical parameters

Frame material: Optional

Pocket separators: Plastic separators

Gasket: Optional

Regeneration: Yes

Max. Operating Temperature: 70 C

Max. Relative humidity: 70%

Technical data

Code Size (X x Y x Z) Filter class Nominal volume
KASW 592 x 287 x 48 G4 / ISO Coarse 60% 70 Pa @ 1600 m3/h
KASW 592 x 592 x 48 G4 / ISO Coarse 60% 70 Pa @ 3250 m3/h
KASW 592 x 287 x 96 G4 / ISO Coarse 60% 70 Pa @ 1850 m3/h
KASW 592 x 592 x 96 G4 / ISO Coarse 60% 70 Pa @ 3800 m3/h