High Efficiency Hi-Flow

High Efficiency Hi-Flow

Product code: HEPA KOM

High Efficiency Hi-Flow EPA/HEPA filters find their application in air supply, circulation and exhaust systems of medical facilities, laboratories, food industry, nuclear sector, gas turbines and power systems and other sensitive fields, where demands for clean air are highest.

Detail description

The core of High Efficiency Hi-Flow EPA/HEPA filters is the revolutionary filtration material design based on the advanced blend of borosilicate microglass fibers and synthetic fibers. The latter composition make these filters extremely durable and ensures absolute filtration efficiency with respect to capture of avoided particles. Novel design of High Efficiency Hi-Flow EPA/HEPA filters provides a significantly increased net filtration area and air flow. Moreover, a structure, which is up to two times stronger compared to conventional corresponding filters, secures the filters from risk of accidental damage during handling operations, accidental impact, and general performance of the filters.

Technical parameters

Frame material: Optional

Pleat separators: Thermoplastic adheisive

Casting: Polyurethane

Gasket: PUR gasket

Regeneration: No

Max. Operating Temperature: 70 C

Max. Relative humidity: 90%

Technical data

Code Size (X x Y x Z) Filter class Nominal volume