Deep Pleat

Deep Pleat

Product code: MPL

MPL filters are widely used in food & beverage industry, medical facilities, and HVAC sector. These filters have superior technical properties due to a special material production design – Deep Pleat Technology allowing an optimal use of the maximal filtration area at low pressure drag even at high volume air flow. A high stability of the entire filter structure offers a reliable operation even under extreme environmental conditions.

Detail description

High Efficiency Synthetics (HES) combined with a special thermoplastic pleat bonding system is used in the production of the Deep Pleat pack to create a perfect V-shape filter material, which ensures a full utilization of the filtration area and uniform dust spread over it, thus leading to extended filter lifespan.

Deep Pleat has s high rate of air permeability ensures a low resistance of air movement (low Pa) and efficient energy consumption readings for the equipment in which a filter is installed.

Low average pressure drop (i.e. a very slow increase in the pressure drop) ensures a long useful lifetime, as well as cost-efficient and reliable operation.

Technical parameters

Frame material: Optional

Pleat separators: Thermoplastic adheisive

Casting: Optional

Regeneration: No

Max. Operating Temperature: 80 C

Max. Relative humidity: 90 %


Technical data

Code Size (X x Y x Z) Filter class Nominal volume
MPL 592x592x25 M5 / ISO ePM 10 55% 60 Pa @ 2000 m3/h
MPL 592x592x46 M5 / ISO ePM 10 55% 60 Pa @ 2250 m3/h
MPL 592x592x92 M5 / ISO ePM 10 55% 75 Pa @ 2500 m3/h
MPL 592x592x25 F7 / ISO ePM 1 70% 60 Pa @ 1000 m3/h
MPL 592x592x46 F7 / ISO ePM 1 70% 100 Pa @ 2250 m3/h
MPL 592x592x92 F7 / ISO ePM 1 70% 140 Pa @ 2500 m3/h
MPL 592x592x25 F9 / ISO ePM 1 80% 75 Pa @ 900 m3/h
MPL 592x592x46 F9 / ISO ePM 1 80% 110 Pa @ 1100 m3/h
MPL 592x592x92 F9 / ISO ePM 1 80% 170 Pa @ 2150 m3/h