Z-line Cell

Z-line Cell

Product code: MPL ZC

Z-line Cell filters are mostly applied as pre-filters in coating chambers, spray booths, welding fume extraction systems, other HVAC systems and a wide range of industries. They are compatible with all types of air handling units and special appliances that require compact filter sizes and reliable way to replace pocket filters for long-term use.

Detail description

Pleated synthetic non-woven filtration media characterised by a high dust-holding capacity is ideal for HVAC systems, where a great amount of dust is present in the ambience (especially, surface coating and treatment environment). In order to withstand a high rate of air flow at low average pressure drop and efficiently capture harmful particles, the material is supported by a specially designed metal grid.

Technical parameters

Frame material: Cardboard

Pleat separators: None

Casting: Hot melt

Gasket: Optional

Regeneration: No

Max. Operating Temperature: 70 C

Max. Relative humidity: 100%

Technical data

Code Size (X x Y x Z) Filter class Nominal volume
MPLC 592x592x25 G4 / ISO Coarse 75% 35 Pa @ 2000 m3/h
MPLC 592x592x46 G4 / ISO Coarse 75% 39 Pa @ 2500 m3/h
MPLC 592x592x92 G4 / ISO Coarse 75% 40 Pa @ 3400 m3/h
MPLC 592x592x25 M5 / ISO ePM10 60% 45 Pa @ 2000 m3/h
MPLC 592x592x46 M5 / ISO ePM10 60% 45 Pa @ 2500 m3/h
MPLC 592x592x92 M5 / ISO ePM10 60% 60 Pa @ 3400 m3/h