GT pleat – High Airflow

GT pleat – High Airflow

Product code : MPLZ

Reinforced panel filters for aggressive environments & high airflow applications. Main place of use – as primary and secondary stage filtration element in complex, multiple-step filtration systems.

Detail description

Technical parameters

Frame material: Metal
Pleat separators: Hot Melt
Casting: Optional
Regeneration: No
Max. Operating Temperature: 90C
Max. Relative humidity: 90 %

Technical data

Code Size (X x Y x Z) Filter class Nominal volume
MPLZ 592x592x96 G4/ ISO Coarse 75% 70 Pa @ 5000 m3/h
MPLZ 592x592x96 M5/ISO ePM10 60% 100 Pa @ 5000 m3/h