Product code: MPL Z

Pleated Z-line filters play an important role in extending lifetime of air handling units and increasing IAQ in commercial and residential buildings, hospitals. These filters mostly act as pre-filters meant to protect fine filters in all applications by capturing larger particles, such as coarse and PM10.

Detail description

Self-supportive synthetic non-woven filtration media with progressive depth-filtering is the heart of pleated Z-line filters. Due to its internal properties, the media is sufficiently stiff, thus additional support is not required; that results in an avoided reduction of effective filter area. A special design of Z-line pleats provides a high rate of air flow, and low average pressure drop causes reduction of energy costs and ensures a long useful lifetime and reliable operation. Z-line filters are compatible with all types of air handling units and special appliances that require compact filter sizes and reliable way to replace pocket filters for a long-term use.

Technical parameters

Frame material: Optional

Pleat separators: None

Casting: Optional

Gasket: Optional

Regeneration: No

Max. Operating Temperature: 70 C

Max. Relative humidity: 100%

Technical data

Code Size (X x Y x Z) Filter class Nominal volume
MPLZ 592x592x25 G4 / ISO Coarse 75% 35 Pa @ 2000 m3/h
MPLZ 592x592x46 G4 / ISO Coarse 75% 39 Pa @ 2500 m3/h
MPLZ 592x592x92 G4 / ISO Coarse 75% 40 Pa @ 3400 m3/h
MPLZ 592x592x25 M5 / ISO ePM10 60% 45 Pa @ 2000 m3/h
MPLZ 592x592x46 M5 / ISO ePM10 60% 45 Pa @ 2500 m3/h
MPLZ 592x592x92 M5 / ISO ePM10 60% 60 Pa @ 3400 m3/h